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Marc Van Cauwenberghe

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A, be it outdated page, link:

I have seen some topics about this but they seem to point to a grid kind of table.
An iOS tableview (UITableView) does have some specific well defined properties.
It is a one column table
It can have a grouped view in which cells are grouped.
Each cell can have an image/ content/ accessory view
You also have specific cell styles (see link)

1) Will this object be present in the future?
2) If not can this be build within the current language possibilities?

Thank you.


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Erel, I am converting a project from Objective C to B4I. Can you tell me when the UITableView will be available in B4I? This is for me the most crucial part until now.


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Could you on both also connect a Pull to Refresh? Normally in iOS you can add this to a TableViewController.


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You are not alone @roddy, UITableview is one of the most powerfull and elegant control on IOS.
I'm waiting too for this control to begin any migration of my Android apps.
Too bad but

Maybe it's difficult for Erel to set that up....