Android Question IoT server with Raspberry Pi and Android


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Good day guys.

I back after a long time and I am very pleased to see the huge improvements of this software. However now I am developing some hardware (and hopefully software :) )for the IoT using various of platforms.

What I want to do it's to develop an application for Android that will connect with Raspberry Pi which it'a running Node-Red server. Since lots of things are changed from the last time i was working with B4A I want to ask a few questions.

From what I saw there it's a nice network library which it's using sockets. Since Node-Red offers support for websocketsis it possible to use the B4A library to communicate with websockets (I know websockets use a different frame) ? If it's possible (or maybe if know another alternative) what is the best way to protect data?

Looking fwd to your answers. Thanks in advance.