iOS Question iSpeechRecognition unreliable - not working well


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Hi everyone, i'm building an app that has to recognize single words and validate them in a certain period of time (ex. 1min). Like a game counting correct words.
I tried to use speech recognition example at beginning, adding only the part to get the single word (and not the full sentence that the sub returns in Texts)

  1. The first problem is that after about 55seconds max (more or less) the speech recognition stops working every time... like if there is a timeout or something.
  2. To solve the above problem I modified the the logic in order to stop the speechRecognition after every word, process (thanks to the isFinal value) and then restart the speechRecognition. This way it seems to bypass the 55 seconds limit i had before. BUT know i noticed that sometimes, randomly, the speechRecognition stop recognize the words. it just freezes ...
Someone of you had problems? or more experience with this tool? :(

Thanks in advance