speech recognition

  1. M

    iOS Question Equivalent of CheckAndRequest

    Hi everyone, I built an app that requires the iSpeechRecognition, the phone ask for permission of the Microphone usage, and speech recognition the first time I need to use it. There is a why to prompt the dialog BEFORE I actually need it? (or wait for the user answer?) and more important... if...
  2. M

    iOS Question iSpeechRecognition unreliable - not working well

    Hi everyone, i'm building an app that has to recognize single words and validate them in a certain period of time (ex. 1min). Like a game counting correct words. I tried to use speech recognition example at beginning, adding only the part to get the single word (and not the full sentence that...
  3. moty22

    Share My Creation Talk to Arduino

    Control 2 outputs (pins 2,3) of Arduino Uno by talking to your Android device using the B4A app. The device is connected via OTG cable. Words or sentences can be edited at run time or in the code. The app uses speech recognition.
  4. magicmars

    Android Question SOLVED - Check if TTS is available / enabled on device (TTSID)

    Hi, I have an app that use SpeechRecognition and TTS functionality : I use TTSID and SpeechRecognition_NoUi Libraries. My app work perfectly if the device have SR and TTS enabled by defaut, which is the case for most android devices, especially those with Google services enabled. If this is not...
  5. Biswajit

    B4A Library SpeechRecognitionNoUI - Google Speech Recognition Without Popup

    With this, you can add speech recognition feature to your application without google speech recognition popup (check attached example), SpeechRecognitionNoUI Author: @Biswajit Version: 1.5 SpeechRecognitionNoUI Events: ReadyForSpeech Called when the endpointer is ready for the user to start...
  6. Syd Wright

    Android Question Google Speech Recognition API broken on Android 4 devices

    Since a couple of days the three speech recognition libraries in the forum (by Vpires, Stevel05 and XverhelstX) seem to no longer work with Android version 4! These libraries can be found here: 1: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/another-speechrecognizer-library.37584/#post-221995 2...
  7. youjunjer

    Android Question Speech recognizing and media playing simultaneously

    I have tried this post and at post #25 is a very good example to demo offline speech recognition. https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/android-speech-recognition-api-wrapper.62959/page-2#post-478817 Now, I want to try speech recognizing and media playing simultaneously. I found when speech...
  8. A

    Android Question voice recognition "wake word"

    Hello, does anybody know what do I need to use for my app to do something if I am saying something(on long duration of silence), without touching or pressing anything on my app? I tried using voice recognition in a loop, but when the voice recognition dialog has no match (for example in a case...
  9. A

    Android Question Voice Recognition Issue

    I am working on a project in B4A, that requires voice recognition. After searching the forum I have realized that included Phone.VoiceRecognition library is not suitable for my needs. My needs are as follows: - No dialog or popup - Works offline - Ability to give it a list of words (or grammar)...
  10. Dave O

    Android Question XSpeechRecognizer - suppress automatic EndOfSpeech?

    I'm using the XSpeechRecognizer library (updated by @Multiverse app) to convert spoken reminders to text. It's working pretty well, but I do have a few questions: - It stops the recording and fires the EndOfSpeech event after detecting silence after 1-2 seconds. Is this duration configurable...
  11. John W. Miescher

    Do you understand Swahili ?

    Hi all, my database is in English, but some users of my program may have difficulty with that. Take the case of a health care worker in rural Uganda who has to assist a complicated childbirth where the nearest doctor is 3 hours away and no Internet is available. Now he/she can enter a search...