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I am in the final step of integrating the In App Purchases into my app, the only thing missing is a test, which I cannot perform because the "PurchaseCompleted" event is not triggered in the simulator when I buy something in the sandbox.
My Steps:
  1. Call inAppPurchase.RequestPayment(ProductIdentifier)
  2. The Popup opens
  3. I enter the sandbox account password
  4. You hear the buying sound and it is loading
  5. Popup closes
  6. The Password popup opens again
  7. Repeat step 1-5
It is an endless lopp, like in the following thread:

I can't test the whole thing on a real device either, because I have a real apple id there and I can't add it to the sandbox in the apple console.

How else should I test this, or am I doing something wrong?

Wait For inAppPurchase_PurchaseCompleted (Success As Boolean, Product As Purchase)
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Alexander Stolte

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The same behavior as here:
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