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are there any known issues with using iStore and Apple Pay?

I ask because a customer has complained that the app they purchased is no longer considered purchased.
Every day customers buy my apps and there has never been such a case.

With this procedure, I show the customer a license key after successful purchase and save it in my database.
The customer sent me a screenshot with the license key, but it was not saved in my database. I can't explain the reason for this.

Has anyone had such a case?

Private Sub MyStore_PurchaseCompleted (Success As Boolean, Product As Purchase)
    Dim PurchaseTime As Long
    Dim mp As Map

    'Log("Success = " & Success)

    If Success Then
        If Product.IsInitialized Then

            Select Product.ProductIdentifier
                Case Product_1year
                    PurchaseTime = DateTime.Add(Product.TransactionDate,1,0,0)
                Case Product_6month
                    PurchaseTime = DateTime.Add(Product.TransactionDate,0,6,0)
                Case Product_1month
                    PurchaseTime = DateTime.Add(Product.TransactionDate,0,1,0)
                Case Product_noad
                    PurchaseTime = DateTime.Add(Product.TransactionDate,20,0,0) ' 20 Jahre hinzufügen nur damit die Lizenz nie ablauft.
            End Select

            Dim lizenzkey As String = mAllg.GUID 'A new license key is generated here.
            'A dialog box with the license key is displayed here.
            Dim p As Phone
            p.KeyChainPut(mAllg.GetPackageName, Product.ProductIdentifier & ";" & Product.TransactionIdentifier & ";" & Product.TransactionDate & ";" & PurchaseTime  & ";" & lizenzkey)
            mp = getLizenzFileMap
            mAllg.MapToLizenzfile(mp, "temp.lic")

            'Kunde in der Online-Datenbank speichern
            CallSub3(Me, "CheckInternetConnection", IdLizenzedUser, Product.TransactionIdentifier)
        End If
    End If
End Sub


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I don't remember any such report.
It has never happened to me either.

The customer sent me a screenshot with the license key and a payment confirmation from Apple Pay.
I have now activated the license, but once again I do not activate it.
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