Android Tutorial jarsigner error: private key algorithm is not compatible

Private sign keys created with B4A v7.80 or less together with Java 8u151+ will fail with the above error message. Note that it does not affect existing keys.
It is related to a change in the default key size.
It is fixed for the next update of B4A.

As a workaround you can switch to Java 8u144:

Or create the key from the command line:
keytool -genkey -dname "CN=Unknown,O=Unknown,C=Unknown" -keystore mykeystore.keystore -keysize 1024 -alias b4a -validity 14000 -keypass 123456 -storepass 123456

123456 that appears twice should be replaced with the password.


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Since I am on v7.80 and v8.00 has been released but I didnt receive an email, I assume there wont be an in between update to fix this issue? I guess I am not eligible for v8.00