B4J Library Java 8 (FX8) and DatePicker

Java 8 has a very nice DatePicker.
For my one need I have build a Library and I like to share this.
The Library is simple.
You can Show Week Numbers and Show the Date in Format like "yyyy-MM-dd" or "dd-MM-yyyy"
For any questions replay to this Thread.

Copy the Library and XML to your extra library folder.
I hope you can use this.
With many thanks to RLinn for his nice B4J HOWTOs.


  • DatePicker(FX8).zip
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sorry but I cannot start your demo program - during compilation I get the error:
Cannot find: C:\Program Files\B4J\libraries\jcoreextras.jar
I could not find this jar on the net either .... any ideas what is the problem ?

Thank you,


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