Bug? Java using all RAM

Douglas Farias

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I formatted my pc is about 5 days ago, I used the Windows 10 and decided to go back to the 7 because of some games.

here in windows 7, I noticed that each B4a project I open runs a java.exe and this consumes java.exe 1.088.860K = 1GB RAM

if I open 2 B4a projects, opens 2 java.exe and both consume 1 GB of RAM = 2 GB RAM with 2 projects.

this is normal in windows 7 or is there a problem here?

if I try to open 3 projects I can not use my computer, it is very slow.

and when I give debug, the ram consumption increases more, all locks during compilation, if I'm listening to music playback is locked to the finished compiling, when it finishes compiling the music play back. (Windows Media Player)

On windows 10 I never had this problem, only here on windows 7, the first time i see this bug.

My Configure Paths is

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_77\bin\javac.exe


Windows 7 Ultimate 64
itel i5
GTX 750

first time I see this bug, and the first time I use the b4x the software on windows 7. there a way to fix this? what might be causing this?
on windows 10 I never had this problem