Android Question how to solve java.exe high memory usage problem ?


Hi guys,
Thanks for being a part of b4x community,

Before, I wanna share my pc details:
- RAM: 4gb
- OS: windows 10 x86
- Processor: x64 based
- Type: Laptop

Please see images:

The strange thing for me is that its -Xmx is 2048m.
Whereas, my environment variable named _JAVA_OPTIONS is "-Xmx800M".


Is there any way I can lower down its memory consumption ?
I can NOT afford buying a new pc or installing 64 bit OS.



that ini file, right ?
%appdata%\Anywhere Software\Basic4android\b4xV5.ini

I opened it and set DisableDexerOptimizations=True.
But still java.exe for dexer optimization do get appear again as soon as I open b4a IDE.

Although 344mb is NOT that much. But my pc ram is low.
So I always try my best to lower down memory usage of every single app that I can able to.

My pc would hang if I use 3 apps with sum of each is upper than 1000mb.
So it would be really hard for me to use these apps at a time:
- Slim Browser (for searching in b4x) (500--700 mb)
- B4A (for compiling android apps) (50--100 mb)
- MeMu android emulator (for testings apps on android 7) (200--400 mb)
- java.exe (350--400 mb)
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