B4J Question JavaFX installation on Raspberry PI help needed

johan vetsuypens

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I have installed the latest Raspbian on my raspberry PI 2 via the NOOBS OS installer v 1.7.0

I have some problems with the installation part of java:

In Erel's tutoral is written :

"If you want to run UI applications then you need to install Java 8: https://jdk8.java.net/download.html
You need to download Linux ARMv6/7 VFP, HardFP ABI."

I can't get javafx to run with B4J. I get netx error when trying to debug B4J GUI application :
Error: JavaFX runtime components are missing, and are required to run this application

my questions :
a) Do I still need to install Java 8 JDK ,because per default java 1.8.0_65 JRE is installed in this version of Raspbian .
c) Can I have an updated easy to follow instruction how to get and install JavaFX ? It seems that the Linux ARMv6/7 VFP, HardFP AB trickk in the tutorial doesn't work.



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I uploaded like #2 (Thanks for help @rbghongade ) jdk 1.8.0_111

after I want to run my first time B4J code.

IMG_20170117_201415.jpg IMG_20170117_202128.jpg
Each time device locked.

Where is the problem?
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