B4J Question OpenJDK 17 or 19? JavaFX SDK 17?


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I understand that the recommended version for B4J (current version 9.80) is OpenJDK 11.
Should I combine javafx17 with openjdk17?
Or can I leave open jdk11?

Better to use jdk11 or 14.

Note that you can use any version of OpenJDK you like. You just need to download the three pieces and put them in the right place:
- OpenJDK
- JavaFX SDK + jmods: https://gluonhq.com/products/javafx/

JavaFX SDK should be in javafx folder.
JavaFX jmods should be in javafx\javafx-jmods folder

So, is it a good time to use newer version?

If yes, version 17 or 19?
Do I need to choose OpenJDK 17 since JDK 17 is LTS version? and because JavaFX 17 is also LTS version?

Can I mix OpenJDK 19 with JavaFX SDK 17?

Does it have any effect to B4JPackager11?


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Thanks to all for your help
OliverA's suggestion to install B4J level 10 was successfull.

Now, I have TWO java running :
- the old one in C:\Java\bin
- the new one in C:\MyJava19\jdk-19.0.2\bin
Both work well with B4J (depending on the path of the configuration).
I understood that B4X only uses the Java's version defined in the path !

Unfortunately, when I try to run the exemple to run jGoogleMaps library (my initial demand)
I got following error (see photo)


I think this is not related to Java. I don't know where to look (JavaScrript console ?)
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