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    This is my very first attempt to create a wrap for a library (more of a proof of concept), It is based on this project:



    JfxCheckBox, it is a custom view (with designer support, no properties yet) that allows to set colors for check and unchecked states, to catch the event use the same as the normal checkbox or the already implemented jfxChecked_change event

    jfxDialog, this one is a class that will show a non blocking msgbox style dialog, you can upload a pane to set its height and width and load a layout within, the API needs a pane that works as an owner of the dialog. To catch the event here, just use eventName_closed event (the one in the form events)
    if you want jfxDialog to work like msgbox just write:

    wait for jfxdialog_closed
    edit V1.01
    in this version we have JFXDatePicker and JFXTimePicker
    Date Picker will return the date ticks like the normal datepicker
    but Time Picker event will return a string representation of the time.


    edit V1.02

    This version comes with JFXBadge and JFXRippler,

    There is a nuisance with both classes, they remove the original node of the panel and reinsert them as part of the new node, it will conserve the very same spot and anchors tho. This means that for now only already inserted nodes can be badged/ripplyfied

    In the JfoenixTester project, there are some methods that helps with finding if the original node is part of this classes.


    If you want any other feature implemented or more methods for the currently available, you can ask for it.

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    ...JfxCheckBox, jfxDialog, .... and soon JFXRippler, JFXCheckBox
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    JFXCheckbox is already there
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    Thanks a lot Enrique! That's amazing!
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    Thanks Jmon!

    I like so far how it is going, now i respect even more you and the other Library creators.
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    Rippler is there now on V1.02!
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    Good job Enrique !
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    Thank you for support @inakigram!