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Hi here is a (stupid ?) creation : a smart candel

Rather than a lot of text, see first this video :

To build yours you will need :
- a match
- a wire (multi thin strands)
- an ESP8266
- a relay
- an iTag
- An android with JG itag Alarm, Automate and another simple app to close the relay

The basic principle is quite simple :
an igniter is made with 2 strands of the wire in close connection with the match tip.


When you short the igniter between +3.7V and ground, the 2 strands become red hot and fire the match.
That's it

The software :
The iTag is discovered with JG iTagAlarm, then it triggers Automate for Android. A flow is launched

the flow launches a small Android App itself sending a "fire trigger" message over UDP to the ESP8266. And finally the ESP closes the relay.

All the stuff is hidden into the candel... well almost hidden !

You can see that a huge battery is used to drive the igniter. A LOT of current is drawn... more than 10A

Be careful to use quite big wires and a powerful relay to handle this current. Don't even imagine to power the igniter with the IO pin of the ESP...

Have fun, but beware that this stuff could be dangerous, use it at your own risk, only if you fully understand what you do !

I must say that I got the idea last week from this site : LuDela
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Hi freedom2000,
The is a perfect example for camping fire.
I also found some solutions like this one.. another one using a pencil and the power outlet.

Yes sure, and stay tuned a new solution is coming soon (from China : one month ?) :)