Share My Creation JG Water Leak Alarm


No it's not a joke, just a small PCB board fitting perfectly into a milk bottle cap :)

On the other side, another milk bottle cap, finishing a beautifuly designed case...
You can see two small electrods, sensitive to water.

Inside the box :
- an ESP8266, always sleeping
- a 6V Bat


Current drain almost 0A (nano Amps when iddle)

If you touch the electrods with wet finger, a firebase notification is sent and intercepted with IoTAlarm App


That's it
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No not yet.
It is dependant on specific hardware (mine), so for the moment only prototype !

I don't even know if people would be interested ?
If yes I could launch a few PCB production.

At home I will drop a few of these devices under my water heater, washing machine, and pool pump.

I do like the fact that current drain is really really low, so the bat should last more than 2 or 3 years (depending on self discharge of course)