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    I needed a simple MessageBox for a non-UI B4J application.

    This is a wrapper of JOptionPane.


    I've only implemented MessageDialog and ConfirmDialog. Please let me know if you need others such as input dialog.

    It doesn't require any additional libraries.

    Real easy to use!

    Dim i As JOptionPane
    Dim response As Int

    '0 = Yes
    '1 = No
    '2 = Cancel
    response = i.showConfirmDialog("Yollo","Title",i.optionType_YES_NO_CANCEL,i.messageType_ERROR)

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    pls find attached for more examples - the dialogs are defined using JavaObjects in a B4J class. The project is a B4J Non UI app showing as an example the About Dialog.
    Have a look if you want to include in your wrapper.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  3. tchart

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    Thanks Rob!
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