B4J Question [jPoi] PoiWorkbook.InitializeExisting


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I recived an error;

Private DosyaUretimXLS As PoiWorkbook


Genelral Note:
PC-A & PC-B are same HP optiplex3050, win10, jdk1.8.0_201
Excell Sheet has 12800 lines

PC-A reciving an error like underbelow.
PC-b is working code.

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#VirtualMachineArgs: -Xms2048m -Xmx2048m
its not working :(

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all open xlsx files closed before problem lines.
its not working :(

I cant understandt this issue?
Does anyone have experience with this?

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It is difficult to help you. Please answer all the questions I posted...
Old way file open with button action.
Now, New way file open with form.initilaze.(before all other actions) And This is works.
I checked many times my code. I couldn't find anything to prevent the code from running.
I still don't understand. but it works now.
I guess an unknown mystery of Java :)

Thanks all helps...
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