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Margrets JStringFunctions looks really impressive! I have to be missing something basic in trying out some of its functions. I can see and have jStringUtils (version: 1.00) enabled the from the Libs tab.

I want to use the simple Encrypt()\Decrypt() functions. I am not sure how to Dim the owning object. I thought maybe it is the "StringUtils" but when I do a Dim su as StringUtils I dont see a method to use Encrypt()\Decrypt()?

There is one I noticed using jB4XEncryption and Dim bc As B4XCipher but that is not the object\method I want to use.

EDIT1: Maybe JStringFunctions and jStringUtils are not the same. Do I need to download anything to use the JStringFunctions?

EDIT2: I cannot dim a JStringFunctions object\variable as some tutorials show. Example: Dim strings as JStringFunctions.

I must be missing something really basic. What can you recommend?



P.S. With all these really nice Libs I wish the documentation included more examples.
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My bad. I had to download Margaret's beta library and then refresh the Libs tab.

I hope this post saves someone else the many hours it took me to figure out this simple thing. Ugg!
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