Android Question Keep Wi-Fi connection alive


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Hi All

I have a couple of warehouse apps which use http connections to communicate with our servers over Wi-Fi. Everything works OK but sometimes they seem really slow.
I think (I don't know) it may be down to the devices switching between the many Wi-Fi access points throughout the warehouse.
My assumption is that they don't switch automatically between the AP's until I issue another HTTP request and only then does it search for the best AP to process the request.
Tell me I am mad/ignorant/stupid but as I say I have no idea how these things work, it's just an assumption.

Is there an easy way for me to get the device to switch to the strongest access point in the background so that when I need to send a HTTP request it is already on the strongest AP?
I am guessing I could write a service to keep sending tiny http requests in the background at regular intervals but that seems a bit excessive; would anything else work?