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Does it need a long explanation ? You can scroll in the two directions.

This lib does not work with Android versions < 2.

I fixed a big bug in the original code.
I added the function SmoothScrollTo.

I restarted from a fresh basis because of the many bugs in the original code. I fixed most of them (now, multitouch events and hardware keys are correctly handled) but a few are left and need more work (sometimes the wrong object get the focus and resizing is not perfectly handled). I noticed by the way that the stock scrollview is bugged and does not set the focus correctly if you move your finger very slowly.
Thanks to Erel, I solved the problem with the B4A documentation.
I added a new function: FullScroll.

I fixed all known bugs (including bugs found in ScrollView & HorizontalScrollView);
I added the scrollbars;
I added three new functions:
- ScrollbarsVisibility
- FadingEdges
- GiveFocusToFirstVisible.

I fixed a problem with events that were not fired if declared in a class;
I added two functions: ScrollingIsFinished and DisableTouchEventInterception.

SV2D appears now as a custom view in the designer with all its properties.

I fixed a bug (SV_2 = SV_1 did not work because the inner panel was declared in the wrong class).



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