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Charles Bib

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I've been trying to troubleshoot a httpJob issue and wanted to download different versions of the okhttpUtils library. However it is almost impossible to find these download links as far as I can figure out. I know there is a libraries section in the forum (obviously), but there doesn't seem to be a way to independently search for library updates versus generically searching for all posts that mention the library by name. Is this accurate, or am I missing something? This is hugely frustrating, and is probably discouraging new users.

I don't think we need a CVS system, but maybe 1 subtopic per library where the library maintainer pins a link to the code each time a new version is released? Thus if a library has 12 iterations, there would be a FORUM -> Android -> Libraries -> MytestLibrary -> Post1, Post2, Post3... Post12. No discussions, just a single post from the library owner with the link for the release.

Just an idea. If we are already doing this, my apologies.

Jorge M A

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You can subscribe to this topics:

As well you can see this: (you need to copy/paste the link to your browser url, because when using the link directly the forum is including the Sheet into the Post.)

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