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AHLocale Library was updated to version 1.15:

- AHDateUtils object. With this object you can format date and time ranges like "in 23 minutes", "midnight", "06:00 - 08:00" etc.
- AHNumeric object. With this object you can format and parse numbers.

Roger Garstang

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Latest Line Layout Library 1.55 Available. Line Layout

Lets you create an Auto-Expanding Scrollview you can add controls/views to (All with methods of the Scrollview) that flows much like text in lines. It keeps track of the size of the controls added, so when you move to the next position your view is placed right where it needs to be with optional padding. It has State Management, IME handling including Next/Prev Navigation in EditTexts and Height Change Events, a custom Combobox/Spinner that handles click events properly with Prompt Text along with Hint Text and Proper Sizing, and many other things you would normally need Reflection to do. More control/view types will be added in the future, but there is still an AddView method to add any view to the Scrollview.

It is a library that does everything you need to manage your interface, so all you need to do is write your other code.
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