1. Dhanen

    Android Question CreditsRoll Library in newer versions of Android Studio?

    Hi all, Hope this question is well posted here. I am new and I am not sure, please if doesn't, tell me where I should move it. And sorry if my english is not as good, but it's not my first language (even not my second one). I have been searching and asking here and there during some months...
  2. A

    Share My Creation Books library1.0

    Hi All, i would like to share my humble contribution to this community , hope you like it it is an online books library where you can search and download books for any subject here is the UI snapshot: you can download and try it from here bookslibrary v1.0 please share your thoughts and...
  3. F

    Java Question Call Java Class from library by name without variable definition

    Hello every one, Is it possible to use java class from library directly? In file library we can call methods directly for instance File.delete() But I can't call my class like that for example I have class names Utils public class Utils { public void test(){ // DO SOME OPERATION } } I...
  4. J

    B4J Question [B4X] jRDC2 - How to use multiple databases and add basic authentication and TLS

    Hello I tested out the functionalities of jRDC2 and I want to implement this in new software we're going to develop. But with the library I got from this tutorial, all connections to the jRDC2 webservice are plain text http (no TLS) and there's also no basic authentication implemented. How can...
  5. R

    B4R Question B4R for M5Stack?

    I am new on B4R, just found it today. Would like to program the M5Stack (ESP32) with B4R. I did a lot projects with Bascom, C, Arduino, etc. and AVR MCUs. So, my simple question is: Is M5Stack supported by B4R? Can it be used with same libraries as in Arduino? I have to use the display, UART...
  6. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Putting parts of a form-rich app into an external library

    Hi. I'm looking for ways to clean my huge code and boost IDE performance, so I'm putting everything I can into a compiled external library. I already know I can't do this for modules that view their own forms, as designer forms can't be part of compiled libraries, but my question is this: Can a...
  7. L

    Android Question Sunmi L2s RFID Tag Reader Help !!

    Hello everyone, is there anyone who can help me ? I need to read UHF RFID tags with a Sunmi L2s terminal running Android version 9. SUNMI provides an SDK with examples written with android studio. Unfortunately I don't understand anything in the examples. The library to use is...
  8. Z

    Bug? Connect to server with protocole UDP

    Hello, when I call my server with my library, it works only in Debug mode but crashes in Release mode. And i added permission in manifest: AddPermission(android.permission.INTERNET) The problem is on all my phones, they are with the following android version: 8.0, 9.0 and 11.0. It’s a huawei...
  9. H

    Android Question What is the latest recommended way of writing a library?

    Hola, Need some direction... I wish to use certain java database drivers(jar) that are not available in b4x. My search showed certain options including javaobject. But I wish to produce a library callable in b4x. There is wrapping the java jar library by coding with java thru eclipse IDE...
  10. A

    Android Question Convert a Class to a Library

    Hi all, I wrote a class and want to convert it to a library and use methods and processes that exist in. is there any way? i saw the tutorial of compiling project as a library an did it. but when i want to declare a variable of it , the IDE doesnt show anything.
  11. avalle

    B4J Question Chilkat bundle for Linux server

    I'm interested in using the wrapper for the Chilkat libraries in a B4J server application running on Linux in a public cloud. I'm assuming that the work @DonManfred published at is packaged for use on Windows. Forgive my...
  12. cjpryor

    B4J Question Library Error when deployed but not in B4J Development Environment

    I wrote an enhancement to my reporting using DynamicJasper. I built a limited java wrapper specific to my purposes and deployed it to B4J as a library using the B4J_LibraryCompiler.exe. I have done this before with Jasper Reports which has been successfully deployed to Windows, Mac, and Linux...
  13. Ibrahim Saleh

    Flutterwave Android SDK Wrapper

    Hello there, I want to use this SDK on my app but could find it on B4X lib. I'm not so good with java and library wrappers, so someone can help it would be much appreciated.
  14. HZZ

    B4A Library [B4A] FlowMenu - Sleek Animated Menu

    FlowMenu Gives a sleek modern animated look to your Menu/Tab. Can be used as Menu / Tabs / Pager / Cards or Simple Info Display. Swipe up, down, left, right to expand or move back and forth between info panels. All panels are exposed and can support any custom layout, custom color or...
  15. HZZ

    B4A Library xCLV with Navigation Buttons

    Hi Everyone, I'm sharing a modified xCLV to display navigation button to scroll up or down to bottom. It is based on v1.72 shared by @Erel here -> Original Lib Thread Please note that it is not recommended by Erel to use .bas for xCLV, since other libs depend on it, so I'm sharing a jar...
  16. HZZ

    B4A Library LEDLabel 1.01

    This is my first attempt to create a library Please be kind :) This allows you to make a label with tiny indicator on left which can be turned on or off (with any choice of color) Usage instructions: - Download the ledlabel.jar & xml and put it in the B4X additional library folder - Add...
  17. Michael2150

    Java Question Wrapping Genius Scan SDK

    Hi so this is my first attempt at making a library for B4a, and a big attempt it is. I have a project that requires the Genius Scan SDK. So after a few days of research I've gone through most of the tutorials on the forum about how to make your own B4a library, and they are all great, but I...
  18. alirezahassan

    Android Question Show the online version in the Library tab

    Hi all What should I do if I want to show my online version of my libraries like these? Is it possible?
  19. alirezahassan

    B4A Library [B4A] - AH_TakeScreenShot - Take a screenshot (Library)

    Hi all, You can take a screenshot of the screen with a single line of code. in the next version you can take a screen shot with desired view. this zip file have a library and a sample. Currently version v1.0 (2021/05/23) Private Sub BTN_ScreenShot_Click Dim bitmap As Bitmap...
  20. B

    Android Question Use Httpjob to build your own B4A library

    Hi, I want to create a library using the standard class where a file should be downloaded, so I decide to use httpjob in my library, but I do not know how to initialize httpjob because by giving Me the target input in the class, the force program will close. Give. Please help. Thankful