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Discussion in 'Italian Forum' started by luke2012, May 14, 2015.

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    Buongiorno! :)
    Un amico di B4A Meli Massimo ha gentilmente provveduto ad aggiornare l'interessante ed utile libreria WiFi Connect. Riporto sotto il mio post che ho messo nel Forum di B4A:

    A B4A friend "Meli Massimo" provided a library update (Beta version) to test with the following methods:

    - DisconnectFromSSID (networkSSID as string)
    - GetConfiguredNetworks
    - GetWiFiEnabled
    - SetWiFiEnabled (enabled as boolean)
    - GetWiFiState

    Anyone wish to test and improve this useful WiFi library ?
    I'm trying to implement a network switch using this library.

    So I wish to programmatically change the WiFi connection from a SSID to another SSID.

    Attached you can find also the java version.

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