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Greetings of the day. I am developing an App with B4A, which will be controlling a custom electronics box. The box will be sold commercially and the App will be accompanying. I am using quiet a few libraries provided by the community and also some of the built in libraries in the B4A. I have an Open Source Licenses display in the About Box.

My questions are:
(1) Are the libraries open source and okay for commercial use. If yes, how should I provide the attribution in the App. (please give me some examples)
(2) If our product sells well and we are able to make profits, I am planning to give back a part of the sales proceeds to the community to further the development of B4A. How can I do that?

Any pointers will be appreciated. Thanks.

@Erel: Thanks for making such a wonderful tool the B4A.



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1) Yes. By default the third party libraries are licenses with: which means that you are expected to add an attribution. No need to add anything for any library develop by myself.

It will be nice to add the MadeWithLove XUI View:


2) There are contribution buttons here:
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Thanks for the clarification. I will also add a link to B4A main site in the About Box. (Once the app screen is done, I will share the screenshot, so that you can give me guidance on how you want promotion for B4A to be done.)

How do I create the MadeWithLove XUI View (please give me an example that I can copy and paste). Thanks.
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