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Public Sub CreateNotificationWithContent(Title As String, subTitle As String, Body As String, ImageURL As String, Identifier As String, Category As String, MillisecondsFromNow As Long)
    Dim ln As NativeObject
    ln = ln.Initialize("UNMutableNotificationContent").RunMethod("new", Null)
    ln.SetField("title", Title)
    If subTitle <> "" Then ln.SetField("subtitle", subTitle)

    If ImageURL <> "" Then
        Dim imageNSURL As NativeObject
        imageNSURL = imageNSURL.Initialize("NSURL").RunMethod("fileURLWithPath:",Array(ImageURL))
        Dim attachment As NativeObject = Me
        ln.SetField("attachments", attachment.RunMethod("createAttachment:",Array(imageNSURL)))
    End If

    ln.SetField("body", Body)
    Dim n As NativeObject
    ln.SetField("sound", n.Initialize("UNNotificationSound").RunMethod("defaultSound", Null))
    If Category <> "" Then ln.SetField("categoryIdentifier", Category)
    Dim trigger As NativeObject
    trigger = trigger.Initialize("UNTimeIntervalNotificationTrigger").RunMethod("triggerWithTimeInterval:repeats:", Array(MillisecondsFromNow / 1000, False))
    Dim request As NativeObject
    request = request.Initialize("UNNotificationRequest").RunMethod("requestWithIdentifier:content:trigger:", _
       Array(Identifier, ln, trigger))
    Dim NotificationCenter As NativeObject
    NotificationCenter = NotificationCenter.Initialize("UNUserNotificationCenter").RunMethod("currentNotificationCenter", Null)
    NotificationCenter.RunMethod("addNotificationRequest:", Array(request))
End Sub

#if OBJC
-(NSArray *) createAttachment: (NSURL *)imgurl{
    NSError *error = nil;
    UNNotificationAttachment *attachment;
    attachment = [UNNotificationAttachment attachmentWithIdentifier:@"imageID"
    NSArray *arr = @[attachment];
    return arr;

#import <UserNotifications/UserNotifications.h>
@interface b4i_main (notification) <UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate>
@implementation b4i_main (notification)
- (void)userNotificationCenter:(UNUserNotificationCenter *)center
       willPresentNotification:(UNNotification *)notification
         withCompletionHandler:(void (^)(UNNotificationPresentationOptions options))completionHandler {
        completionHandler(UNNotificationPresentationOptionAlert | UNNotificationPresentationOptionSound );

#End If
CreateNotificationWithContent("title","sub title","body text",File.Combine(File.DirLibrary,"imgname.jpg"),"id1","cat1",1000)
NOTE: The system validates the content of attached files before scheduling the corresponding notification request. If an attached file is corrupted, invalid, or of an unsupported file type, the notification request is not scheduled for delivery. Once validated, attached files are moved into the attachment data store so that they can be accessed by the appropriate processes. Attachments located inside an app’s bundle are copied instead of moved.