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Every time I see the B4X Logo I continue to have the impression that it does not represent B4A or Anywhere Software but that single alien called Erel.

Probably because I always have the feeling that Erel is not human but alien!

These days, moreover, with the 50th anniversary of the landing (real? Who knows; unfortunately :( I saw that live connection, on TV).
However, surely he does not come from the Moon.

Take a look to this old thread:

[Please, notice the fact that in this post I didn't include emoticons, which I almost always do; this means that I am very serious!]



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I have a haunch Erel came from moon.

Actually when Neil Armstrong took the small step on moon, Erel knew they all are going to flood moon very soon so he piggybacked on Apollo 11 and came to Earth and gave us,
"One small step of Basic, one giant leap of Android"