Android Question lost on app signature

Zeev Goldstein

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been away foe a while
now trying to update my app
set the sdk to 30
got this error from google paly store

Upload failed
You uploaded an APK with an invalid signature (learn more about signing). Error from apksigner: ERROR: MIN_SIG_SCHEME_FOR_TARGET_SDK_NOT_MET: Target SDK version 30 requires a minimum of signature scheme v2; the APK is not signed with this or a later signature scheme

can any one please help ?


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but we mush start using 30 as target according to google - no ?
Not yet. From Erel in another post.
Instructions for targetSdkVersion = 29 were added to the first post.
This will be required on August 2020 for new apps and November 2020 for updated apps.
Once it is known when API 30 is mandatory Erel will have it in hand.


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So since november 2020 no new apps on 29?
No. Since August 2020 all new apps must be 29 and from November 2020 all updates to existing apps must also be 29. Mandatory API 30 for new apps is expected around August 2021.