B4J Question Mac file/folder paths - [HELP REQUEST]


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Hi, I wrote my App for Android in B4A, And have now made it using B4J, It works as expected on Windows, I am itching to get it working on Apple Mac (But I dont have one) I have 2 VMWare Mac machines that boot and work on my PC fine (But Java will not work) The JAR either refuses to run, or Runs but displays blank Windows...

The Problem i have is that I only have to detect the OS (DONE) and change the paths of the XBMC/KODI directories if its a Mac and the App should work exactly as the same as the Windows version! The problem is I don't just want to add the paths and say it now works on Mac!

The Path to say the userdata folder on a Mac according to KODI is

"/Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/"

So would the command

XBMCPath= JO.RunMethod("getProperty",Array As Object("user.home"))&"/Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata

Point to the correct place on a Mac?

My App - for Android And As a Windows .exe are here http://aidymatic.co.uk

Any tips or pointers are welcome.