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Would anyone know how I can get the info of the file that launched my Mac app?

The Args() method that I use in windows doesn't seem to work.

I've added a custom file association button to the the MacSigner source code that @Erel provided https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/t...ing-notarized-mac-packages.130890/post-823952.
Although it's not the most recent version of MacSigner, the modification works great form my purposes and the custom extensions launch the apps.

It's great that the app extensions help the user identify that the files belong to my app, however, I am unable to get the filename when the app opens?

The modified code is attached - I've added a ToggleButton and a few lines of well marked code to the main page. I also added a form to add the file extension info.

I'm self taught, so please excuse my coding efforts.

MacSigner - Custom File Association.png


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