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    Hi there

    MashETP seeks to be a video downloader for Erel's Teaching Programming Series so that one can download the videos and view them offline. This intends to keep track of locally downloaded videos and will only download those that are new from the series. A folder is created to keep track of all the videos that are downloaded and on re-download, the latest available videos are compared to existing and thus downloading needed videos.


    Phase 1: UX development to extract and store video URL in JSON format and download the image thumbnails. This should store the title, image thumbnail, video source and an offline file should be scanned for this information without accessing the website. Done

    Phase 2: Downloading & Storing the videos and keeping track.

    Download of videos / pictures to the Objects/Videos folder. This uses wait for. MashETP comes with the latest video list obtained from the 'Learn' tab.


    1. Save the contents of as etp.html and save to the 'Files'
    2. Resync the 'Files' tab if MashETP is open
    3. Run MashETP
    4. Videos and pictures are downloaded to the Objects/Videos folder and you can view them offline and keep track of them
    5. Next time etp.html is updated, MashETP can be rerun.

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