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I always prided myself on having good computer hardware knowledge (except in the early days 1970's when computer were a new thing).

I recently purchased a new laptop, not for any particular reason, my 'old' one is only 18 months old.

The new one has left me feeling quite stupid as regard to it's hardware.

In the good old days, graphics cards had xxxMB of memory, and a simple rule was more is better.

This thing has CUDA cores ,Tensor cores, Shader cores and an AI chip.

Moral of this story: Don't fool yourself into believing you are an expert on computer hardware, the reality bump is quite alarming.


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I am forced to use my laptop which is 13 or 14 years old, Windows 7.
I don't believe it for one minute! It would Never keep up with you 😔.....
the reality bump is quite alarming.
Don't worry - it's just the old stuff with new chatGPT generated names....🤔🥸
Obviously that's what the AI chip is for - interpretation and translation.