MS Visual Studio - Android support with fast emulator

Jim Brown

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Peter Simpson

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Visual studio 2015 hey. Microsoft hey. Satya Nadella hey. Android hey. Emulator hey. They have the technology Steve Austin ;)

I do like Visual studio @Jim Brown. I must admit that does look extremely interesting. But I'm staying right here on this great B4A community that we have all helped to create.

We have the technology...
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I come across that the other day. I wonder if you can just get the emulator only and run it with our B4A Apps?
I don't see why we can't load the B4A-Bridge on it and then push our app to it or I guess you don't even need to have the B4A-Bridge as I would think it would run just like the current emulators.

I think I will stick to B4A for Android development since I have been working with it for a while and the support from Erel (and the community) is fantastic and don't see Microsoft giving this type of service, plus Visual Studio costs a lot more then B4A.