My story with the B4X


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You forgot that he is not talking about millions in € or $US; he is talking about Brasilian Real i guess.
70000 Real = 13200$ for 1 app in a month that's a lot of money even for eu citizens.
don't forget that for Brazilians that's much more. life there is much cheaper than in EU or USA so its a lot of money for them and also for us.


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Absolutely Awesome!

I congratulate your success. Although I am not sure how you got there, and what got you so popular, at least your successful.

You actually might be on top right now :)

In my case, I develop control systems apps which control electronic products, unfortunately since I am in a niche market, I am not nearly as successful, but hey at least I have some out there as well.

B4X is truly an incredible product.


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My story with the B4X started at the end of 2013 ...
I was trying to learn about programming, I had just left the army and I needed to find a career to follow, a direction for my life ...

I started reading a book about apps how to make money from them, I got a lot of inspiration from this book and started trying to create apps.

I found it very difficult at first, because I had no knowledge of logic and nothing related to programming.

(remembering that I didn't complete school, which made learning even more difficult)

After a while trying to create apps in JAVA I found B4X, I remember that I was impressed, it was the easiest way to create apps that existed, mainly for me (a beginner in programming).

I had some difficulties at the beginning, I couldn't find materials in my language (PORTUGUESE) and my English was terrible (today is still bad :p), even so I continued to learn more and more.
I asked thousands of questions on the forum, Erel and older members helped me a lot ....

At the beginning of 2014 I already had some knowledge and was able to create some applications, I started making a few cents of dollars with advertising (admob) in my apps, but I still thought it was little.

I thought then ... "if with a single application I can make 1 to 5 dollars a day, how much would I do with 500 or more applications?"
"I will need more people helping me ..."

It was then that in 2014 I decided to found my first company, ID Desenvolvimento, I hired trusted people to help me, the company's pace was increasing, more applications were being created and the company was growing.

Today we are a millionaire company here in Brazil, we have created more than 500 applications since 2014 until today, we are a team of 7 people and we work only with B4X software, both for apps and for the web.

Our focus today is to serve customers and other companies that need systems and apps.
Our main goal is to grow to the level of having a team of 50/100/200 people. (my dream).

So here is my eternal thanks to B4X, Erel and all the members who helped me over the last few years.
The B4X gave my life a direction.
The best and most hopeful, inspiring and teaching story to all generations!