B4J Tutorial My struggle and win with Advance Project Management of Saif

Hi Members,

Warning: This a first post I have written so long that it may cure insomnia of members. I tagged this post as tutorial as it has guidance for solving errors as I found.

First I will like to thank Saif to giving me this amazing product for free.

Now some background.
I have little knowledge of MS SQL environment setting.
Our company has full setup of it and I connect and use the given database.
I never needed and never tried to know more than required to write the codes.
I have never done any project in B4J for database connection etc. (I have lots of samples in my hdd, though)

Due to lock-down our company office is closed and I am doing office work from my home on my laptop.
After I got the codes from Saif, I was wondering how to run it. The screen-shots and praise from fellow members made me think that I must try this product instead of just keeping in the hdd.

I compiled the B4J project and it gave error about sql-java version problem. Hmm..I have Java 8.
I downloaded jdbc driver for java 8 from

The B4J project ran Ok and opened Saif's given ip address database. I was happy but wanted my database.

Ok, so I have MySql, installed for my son's school project and I have have learnt tables and select from his project.
Saif also gave us the mysql script. But it gave error using 'source <file>' command. Since I had no idea how to fix it I asked him for help.
Thanks to Saif, as he guided me and gave me some link to start from as I was struggling at the base itself.

After few hours of working on it, I realized that I have to hold MySql and try MSSql instead as given codes are based on it and members are happily using it.

Looking for MSSql, I found Sql2008 server installed in my laptop itself. Happy that it might have been installed along with .Net C++ I was trying few years back.
But it turned out to be corrupt for the least and did not allow to login using Sql connection.

Without giving up, I installed Sql2008 R2 server over it and created new user and I could create database, tables etc.. All Ok.

But the connection to my database still eluded me. Below are the errors I faced and the solutions I applied. This may be trivial for masters here but may help beginners like me.

prob: Error connecting to database with jtds
    java.sql.SQLException: Unknown server host name

    Solu: https://titanwolf.org/Network/Articles/Article?AID=9519989b-181f-48b1-a0be-15076f19c0d7#gsc.tab=0
            String url = "jdbc: jtds: sqlserver://localhost: 1433; instanceName = SQLEXPRESS; databaseName = news";

prob: Connection refused: connect

    Solu: https://titanwolf.org/Network/Articles/Article?AID=9519989b-181f-48b1-a0be-15076f19c0d7#gsc.tab=0
        1. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager-> Protocols for SQLEXPRESS-> TCP/IP
        2. Right-click to start TCP/IP
        3. Double-click to enter the property and set the TCP port in IP all in IP address to 1433
        4. Restart the SQL Server 2005 service

prob: The TCP/IP connection to the host localhost, port 1433 has failed

    solu: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33590030/the-tcp-ip-connection-to-the-host-localhost-port-1433-has-failed-error-need-as
        Have you enabled 'Named Pipes' and 'TCP/IP'?
        Open the 'Sql Server Configuration' application.
        In the left pane, go to 'SQL Server Network Configuration' -> 'Protocols for [instance-name]'
        Right-click on both 'Named Pipes' and 'TCP/IP' and select 'enable'.

        Have you used the correct port?
        Double-click on 'TCP/IP'
        Select 'IP Addresses' tab
        Scroll to IPAII. Your port number is here.

Ahh..the result is so sweet if you have worked hard for it.

The .bak file given in the project, requires Sql Server 12 and I have Sql Server 2008.
Since this is different matter due to different Sql version one has, I have created a new post for its errors and solution.

Below are some of the screen-shots of the running project. Thank you Saif.

Screenshot_2021-05-23-21-52-01-030_com.android.chrome.jpg Screenshot_2021-05-23-21-52-50-152_com.android.chrome.jpg Screenshot_2021-05-23-21-53-05-129_com.android.chrome.jpg b4a4.png b4a3.png