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I try sample NB6, wery nice.
Question: how can i start main activity from service (MyService ) ?


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The correct thing is to start the activity from the notification.

It is done with AddButtonAction2. If it is missing from NB6 then this is the code:
'Similar to AddButtonAction. Starts an activity instead of a service.
Public Sub AddButtonAction2 (Bmp As Bitmap, Title As Object,  Activity As Object, Action As String) As NB6
    If IsBuilder = False Then Return Me
    Dim in As Intent = CreateIntent(Activity, False)
    in.Action = Action
    in.Flags = Bit.Or(268435456, 131072) 'FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK and FLAG_ACTIVITY_REORDER_TO_FRONT
    Dim PendingIntent As Object = PendingIntentStatic.RunMethod("getActivity", Array(ctxt, Rnd(0, 0x7fffffff), in, 0))
    NotificationBuilder.RunMethod("setContentIntent", Array(PendingIntent))
    Dim Ac As Object = CreateAction(Bmp, Title, PendingIntent)
    NotificationBuilder.RunMethod("addAction", Array(Ac))
    Return Me
End Sub
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