Android Question Need a facility for auto-completion of input text with data pulled from an SQLLITE database...


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I would like to incorporate a facility in my existing application which would search for a particular word or text in my database(I use Sqllite) and display certain data. I plan to use the WebView control for the display of data.

My question is:

1) How do I incorporate 'auto-complete' facility in my B4A Application ?
It should work as follows:

As I type in the text, the closest matches should automatically get populated in the textbox. At any point of time I would press a 'Search Button' and that particular word would be searched in the database and the relevant matches displayed in the Webview Control.

2)Is there some kind of 'auto-complete combobox' available in b4A in which I can Set the number of closest matches to my input text in advance that will be displayed in the listing portion of the combo-box. Upon selecting any one of the closest matches, the relevant matching data would be displayed in the WebView Control.