Android Question need help on poststring.


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Hi Erel!,
I really need help on HttpUtils2, I use poststring method to put input criteria into php code.

Dim Job As HttpJob
Job.PostString ("","tbid=mytable" & "&mday=" & itemday & "&mmonth=" & itemmonth & "&myear=" & itemyear )

I can have correct content only first request.

Dim tempstr As String
Log("JobName = " & Job.JobName & ", Success = " & Job.Success)
If Job.Success = True Then
Select Job.JobName
Case "JobPostName"
tempstr = Job.getstring

Let say I have result like this.
Name:Mr.AAA Salary:AAA
Name:Mr.BBB Salary:BBB
Name:Mr.CCC Salary:CCC
Name:Mr.DDD Salary:DDD
Name:Mr.EEE Salary:EEE

Then I try changing criteria on next request but I still get the same content. Seem HttpUtils does not fetch new data or pending on cookie something, I don't know. Pls advise,thanks.



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well, the hints I gave you worked for several people so I don't know why it goes wrong at your end.
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i´m sure there must be something wrong with your code. httputils2 works here as espected...
Like i already said: Maybe you should upload (export as zip) your project...
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HttpUtils2 (and Http llibrary) do not cache anything.

If you get old results then there are three possible options:
1. The server is returning the old results for some reason.
2. You are not checking that Job.Success is true.
3. You are reusing the same HttpJob object for multiple requests. You need to call Dim and then Initialize.
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