Need to port a B4A app to B4X and possibly B4J (Paid)


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I have a mobile app that is used for configuring our company's wireless sensors over a BLE connection.
  • The source code has been through many revisions since the early days of B4A and needs updating to B4X as a step towards an iOS release for the Apple Store.
  • The app contains a large number of layouts and uses BleManager3 for comms.
  • It can drive a Bluetooth printer in a handheld POS terminal (for reports).
  • We use a simple protocol over the BLE (serial emulation) link
In all, there are 82 source code files (most of which are activities) and 93 BAL files (a number of these are TabStrip panels)
  1. I'd like someone to port the code to B4X and iOS compatible.
  2. I have no objection to anyone improving the look and feel of the app and making use of newer B4X features
  3. For testing, I can provide access to an Android device with Anydesk loaded, which is in Wireless Sensor range
  4. I do not have a "BLE simulator" (maybe something we'll add later)
Have too much work on my plate to do it myself and am looking to have the work done by the end of February 2024.

If anyone is interested, let me know and perhaps provide a ballpark price.

If the ballpark is within our budget, I'll send the project source and some documentation for a final agreement on delivery schedule and payment milestones.

Preferred payment method is PayPal but other options are possible
Steven Sparrow / CTO
Global Sensing Solutions Ltd.