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Hi all,
Inspired by this thread: we are now conducting a small contest to choose a new icon for Basic4ppc.
The prize for the winner will be 100$ (USD), and of course the honor of creating the new icon.
If you like to participate just attach your creations to this thread.
Edit: The due date is 02/01/2009.

- The icon should include at least 16x16 and 32x32 frames.
- The icon should be with at most 256 colors and look fine on both the desktop and the device.
- It should be easy to update the version number.

Some unavoidable terms:
- Payment will be done with PayPal.
- I will choose the winner.
- After sending the prize to the winner Anywhere Software will be the only owner of the winning icon.


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I think I speak for the majoraty of the community when I say that, having "our" icon associated to BASIC4PPC, and being able/alowed to state "That's my icon"(but no ownership rights), is enough prize, but someone may think diferently....
I'll do my best...

One question...
How many icon pairs can we submit to apreciation?
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Here are a few icons you might like. I used primary colors and no gradient so 256 colors should barely touch the icons as long as you don't use MS paint. I can convert these for you if you like 'em.

I have a demo icon generator so if there's one you like I'll convert it to a 16x16 and 32x32 icon. ;)

The background color is white, but I forgot to set the transparency off :p



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Bit late I know, feel free to disqualify me or whatever but I only just saw this... :sign0013:

Anyway, if it still counts here's my idea:

(alternative Desktop (bigger) logo - )


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We have a winner! :sign0060:
There were several great looking icons.
I've decided to select sahoopes icon:

I hope you like it too :sign0188:

It will be integrated in the next version.


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Congratulations sahoopes !

I find it also the best looking one in the contest.

Best regards.


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Althought I cannot share 100% Andrew or klaus opinion, your's were among my best 3 choices...
I hopped this competion were a bit more.....competitive....but nevertheless, nice icon....:sign0008: