B4J Question Nextreports 9.1 can not display Chinese fonts?

Hi, I use Nextreports 9.1 designer to build a select query to show record rows containing Chinese characters, Chinese characters are displayed as 口口口, anyone know how to set the font correctly?

Thank you for replay, Jones!

Why inside structure panel and properties panel still cannot display chinese fonts correctly?

Did you do any windows system settings or NextReport system settings to display chinese fonts correctly?

Windows Chinese edition or English edition to run NextRports?

Jones Hone

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I use Windows 10 Pro Chinese Version.
I installed it today, for only test this problem for you.
Did not make any settings after installation.

Maybe you can try setting: Tools => Settings => Locale

Jones, thank you for helping,
I use Windows 10 Home English version,
set locale to chn:zh,CN still no work.

Anyone know the solutions?


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Found this info in NR blog page...
Don't know if it will help...