Bug? One of Windows best kept secrets for documenting bugs.

Gary Miyakawa

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This is NOT a bug for B4A/B4J/etc. This is a tool to help you document issues on the windows side of the house. I teach technology and very few people have heard of this tool but it can be VERY useful in documenting issues.

The windows product is called "PSR" (Problem Step Recorder) and it is available on Windows 7 and 8. To start it you just bring up a DOS window(command line) and type psr. The recorder will be on screen and you just start it. Every time you click on the screen, it will do a screen capture. By default, up to 25 captures (and you can extend it to 100).

Here is a link for windows discussion around it. It is also excellent for setting up procedures.


Hopefully, this will help you document bugs and features.

If this belongs in another forum, please move it but this seemed like the best place I could see.


Gary Miyakawa