Android Question Open External Link in Default Browser

Ederson Kerber

Licensed User

Thank you for the tips. But the proposed solution does not meet my need. PhoneIntents opens the link in the browser when the link is not inserted into the html file - I already use it for other projects:
StartActivity (pi.OpenBrowser (""))

However, what I need is: When I click the button, the app will open the html file in a webview. In the open html in webview has a link that should be open in the default browser and not inside the webview itself.

Attachment 3 project images:
1 - Start screen with the button to click and open the html file;
2 - Webview with open html;
3 - Link( that is in the html open in the webview, but should be opened in the default browser.

P.S: I tried attaching a sample project (634KB), however, I received the following error: "The following error occurred: The uploaded file is too large". If you can send it any other way, please let me know.