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  1. pmu5757

    pmu5757 Member Licensed User

    Here is my first creation : a program that helps children to know operations (ex 9+5, 9*9, 18-6, 81/9...)
    It asks questions and the user has to answer as quick as possible.
    In the options, you can choose the operations, the time left to answer, the min and the max for each number...

    I've edited this thread on 11/05/2008 to include the new version that contains :
    - a highscore table
    - multi languages possibilities (thank you Klaus for your good English translation and for your ideas) (the app is able to recognize what language files are placed in the app directory, so it's possible to add a language without modifying the program)
    - vocal bug correction (Thank you Agraham and Cableguy)

    My thread contains the new source code.

    The install.exe is on my website : http://mullerkp.free.fr/pascal/developpement/developpement.html

    Please, tell me what you think about it...
    I'm open for any improovment you could suggest.

    Thank you.

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  2. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    Hello pmu5757,

    Nice application, I am shure that children will apreciate it !

    A suggestion for the Good and Bad answers,
    use two panels, a green one for the good answer
    and a red one for the bad answer, this would be more demonstrative.
    You could even add some random comments in the answers.

    If you would like to have a translation into English for your program, I would do it.

    Best regards.
  3. pmu5757

    pmu5757 Member Licensed User


    Hello Klaus.

    Thank you for your encouragements !

    Good idea for the panels, I'll try it for the next version.

    Thank you also for the help you proposed to me.

    I would see three things to translate :
    - the help file
    - all the terms in the application windows (labels...)
    - all the .wav files for the vocal question.

    For the first one, you have the french text and you can translate it when you want. Just send me the texts, I'll make the help file.

    For the second one, it's the first time I have to do that. Here is my idea : make one csv file for each language. In the program, when the user change the language in the options, the basic would read the proper csv file and change all the labels asw... Do you think it's the right way to do that ? If so, I'll make and post here the csv file in french so that you can have the structure of what to do.

    For the third one, you just have to record your voice saying one, two... up to one hundred and make one ".wav" file for each number. You have french example in the \son directory in the installation directory of the application. Don't forget the sound files for the operations (+, -, X and /).

    It's a lot of work and I would understand if you had not the time to do it...

    Just a last thing : I have noticed a bug when the user activates the vocal mode : during the sound file, the app windows is not refreshed and some things don't appears well. Would you know how to correct it ?

    Thank you.

  4. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    Hello Pascal
    For the translations of the texts in the program I use a simple txt file for each language.
    You can have a look into the IconEdit program, there you can see how I handled the multilanguage.
    In this program, the help files are html files written in Word.

    In the 'Wine cellar' program
    I have begun to write *.cmh help files.

    I saw that you use HelpNDoc for the help files, there is another interesting one, vaHelpMaker.
    It was suggested by agraham in this forum.

    You can post the txt file for french program texts.

    Best regards
  5. Mr_Gee

    Mr_Gee Active Member Licensed User

    When I read the title I thought you wanted to operate on children

    But what a great idea, i already know a couple of people who would use it

    keep up the good work!
  6. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    Bonjour Pascal,

    Here are the translations to English.

    You will find two *.txt files with the texts for the program, one in French and the second in English.
    And a Word file with the English text for the help file.

    I have not made the wav files, because having these vocals spoken by a person with an 'original English or American accent' and not with some strange foreign accent would be much better and nicer.

    I hope there would be somebody on the forum who would take over the challenge.

    Best regards.

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  7. pmu5757

    pmu5757 Member Licensed User


    Hello Klaus
    Thank you for your translation job.
    It was so fast.
    I'm not sure I'll be able to work as fast as you, but when it is finished, I'll post the new versionin this thread.

    Thank you also to Mr Gee for your encouragement.
    Mr Gee, yould you be able helping me by making the audio files with the right accent ?

    Best regards,

  8. pmu5757

    pmu5757 Member Licensed User

    I've edited the first message of this thread in order to show the new version of this application : see above.

    Thank you.
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