Oracle Java SE 8 Release Updates


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With the latest Java update there was a notification. It had a link that states the following:

Public updates for Oracle Java SE 8 will remain available for individual, personal use through at least the end of 2020.

Public updates for Oracle Java SE 8 released after January 2019 will not be available for business, commercial or production use without a commercial license.

Here's the link that was in the notification:

Read it and see how it may impact you, especially corporate environments.
There's mention of the OpenJDK builds for those who don't want the commercial license.

Q: what will be the impact to us licensed B4X developers? I'm interested to know from Erel.

Mark Stuart


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This been asked several times. And answered.
One answer:
Plus, 11 should be the next LTS version of Java. Some changes are coming to Java and 9 and 10 were/are used to introduce those changes, which may be finalized in 11. If you wait till 11 and port from 8 to 11, things may brake non-gracefully (that is what 9 and 10 were/are for).


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If you are asking about B4A then it is worth adding that:

1. You can continue to use the current Java 8 version for many years to come. Same is true for Java 9 and Java 10.
2. You can also switch to the openjdk version.

At some point we will switch to Java 11 and openjdk + openjfx will be the standard. There is however no rush to do it.


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Thanx for your links Oliver.
And thanx for the comforting reply Erel.

Mark Stuart