iOS Question Paging indicator for scrollview

Keith Yong

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Understand that there is a option to set the scrolllview with paging function, but how do i show the page indicator like below?

valentino s

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I want to share some little updates to the original code.

1) scrollview is not full height
2) a static button let me change panel
3) there's a button and a webview generated in the first panel
4) returns the current panel number

There are some remarks on possible improvements and events to track. I hope others will improve it.

UPDATED: some more infos on v. 1.0.1:

1) the app has 3 panels to swipe horizontally
2) every panel has a webview in full size, and 2 buttons on the bottom left
3) on the top and on the bottom of the scrollview there are images/buttons
4) the source was completly rewritten to solve bugs and errors.


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valentino s

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Updated the example, corrected many errors and improved in many ways. But I'm sure it is possible to improve it in many ways too...