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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by adastra, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. adastra

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    I want to develop an app , wherein I want to load a full panoramic (360 degree) image and when we move the mobile to right, left , up , down the relevant portion of the image shall be displayed. Can anyone point me to right direction for the b4a library or any sample code ? Thanks
  2. NJDude

    NJDude Expert Licensed User

    Read THIS thread.
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  3. warwound

    warwound Expert Licensed User

    The PanoramaClient is an external activity you can call to display a panorama.

    An alternative is the StreetViewPanoramaView:
    StreetViewPanoramaView allows you to embed the panorama in your b4a activity - it's a View not an Activity.

    But StreetViewPanoramaView only displays panoramas hosted on Google+ and Google Views.
    It can't display a panorama from any other source - such as your app's assets or an http url.
    It also has no built in methods to rotate the panorama as the device is rotated.

  4. AlpVir

    AlpVir Well-Known Member Licensed User

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