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Kevin Ford has run some performance tests and reported the results: http://windingroadway.blogspot.co.il/2015/02/mobile-development-platform-performance.html

I converted the tests to B4A and B4i.

The results are:
1. File size
B4A - 112KB
B4i (32 bit + 64 bit) - 447KB

The tests were made on Nexus 5 and iPhone 5S in Release mode.
2. Load times for both were less than one second.
3. Adding 1000 records.
It is a programming mistake to add 1000 records without creating an explicit transaction (as implemented by the blogger).
With transactions:
B4A - 0.16 s
B4i - 0.1 s

With no transactions:
B4A - 9.5 s
B4i - 12 s

4. Reading records to ListView / TableView:
B4A - 0.02 s
B4i - 0.02 s

5. Writing to a file:
B4A - 0.01 s
B4i - 0.02 s

6. Reading from a file to ListView / TableView:
B4A - 0.01 s
B4i - 0.02 s

Note that the B4i project uses a new library that wraps the native UITableView (iTableView). It will be released next week.

The performance of both B4A and B4i is similar to the performance of native apps.


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Looks like you've nailed it Erel :) Congratulations. Perhaps you should ask him to include the results in the Blog.