Android Question Permission "Access to all files": No main function


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Hello everyone,
since Android 30 access to the file system is not so easy. I have an app in the Playstore for many years, where users can first download the trial version and then the purchase version.

Until now, the exchange of data for the full version ran through the database on the public file system. After this change, data exchange is no longer possible and users would have to recreate all data after purchase.I want to avoid a storage over the internet, because it is financial data and I don't want to have an inapp purchase either.

I also tried to update and stated the circumstance in the playstore. Unfortunately, the update was then rejected.
Has anyone already solved the problem or a keyword that could help me here ?



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You could export the data from the trial system using "SaveAs" (could also serve as a backup). Input the data in the full version using "ContentChoosesr"
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