Petition to Google Play


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All that is really necessary for an app to get suspended is one complaint.

Anyone play Subway Surfer?
I made a complaint against the makers of Subway Surfer once because I kept getting notifications even though they were disabled in my phone options as well being disabled in the app.
This is a clear violation of Google's Developer terms of Agreement.
After I complained I noticed Subway Surfer was not available on Google Play for a few days.
Subway Surfer is back up however and I still get notifications...
It's all about money. Subway Surfer gets 1000's of downloads and makes Google money.

Anyway, Google's little suspension robot will not suspend your app until it has been flagged by a user.
They will not respond to and investigate your appeal with a live human unless your app is a money maker.


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and who will tell that the complaint is fair? I could flag any app now and hope that the apps go offline due to automated routines.